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Pure-FTPd Admin - Download/Instalation


Licence: Freeware, modification of source is possible but link to http://www.imega.cz/ have to be on the login page.
If you agree download: pureftpdadmin-0.23.tar.gz (will be extracted to 'pureftpdadmin', 19 683b)


  1. Install WebServer (Apache)
    • Recomnded something like this:

      <Directory "/srv/www/htdocs">
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride All
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all

  2. Install MySQL (4 or 5)
    • Pure-FTP need shared library and headers for compilation
  3. Install PHP (4 or 5)
    • Yuo need packages mysql(MySQL < 4.1.3) or mysqli(MySQL => 4.1.3), iconv (není nutné) recomended
  4. Install Pure-FTPd
    • Documentation www.pureftpd.org

      I use this:
       ./configure --with-mysql --with-cookie --with-quotas --with-throttling --with-ratio
       make install

    • FTP need open port 21 on your firewall. Also ... good choose is 'ip_conntract_ftp'.
  5. Extract 'pureftpdadmin-xxxx' (for example to /srv/www/htdocs)
    • In '/srv/www/htdocs/pureftpdadmin/setting' is 'pureftptable.sql.php' a 'pureftp.inc.php' - remember it :)
    • TIP: https is good protocol :).
  6. Create MySQL DB for Pure-FTPd Admin
    • Sql script for create the DB is in '/srv/www/htdocs/pureftpdadmin/setting/pureftptable.sql.php' (Between PHP comments).
    • !!!:Group (GID) of 'root' is 1000, and id (UID) of root is 9000. New users will have ID 9001,9002 ....
  7. Create two user in MySQL
    • 1st with privilege SELECT to DB pureftp - for Pure-FTPd
    • 2nd with privilege SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE to DB pureftp - for PureFTPd Admin
  8. Retype in '/srv/www/htdocs/pureftpdadmin/pureftp.inc.php'
    • $vhost = mysql host ... localhost
      $vuser = 2nd MySQL user
      $vpasswd = password;
      $vdb = database ... 'pureftp';
      $vtypeinterface =for library 'mysql' type 0, for library 'mysqli' type1

      Set $s__check_referer to false OR retype $s__referer
      Retype $s__md5add by something :)
      Retype $s__default_ftpdir - ftp home, and create the dir in system !!!.
      Retype$s__emailfrom, $s__emailreturnpath, $s__emailbodybegin, $s__emailinfohttpacces, You are confused ? , no problem, after create firts user in Pure-FTPd Admin will be OK :).

    • Info: $s__USE_RATIONS is set false, set to true for ftp server with rations.
    • Info: $s__default_GID = GID. Set to false for specification of GID manually.
    • Info: $s__default_auto_UID true = new user will be created with UID MAX in DB + 1.
    • Info: $s__default_ftpdirbyuser Set to true, home dir of new user will be: '$s__default_ftpdir<username>'.
  9. Start Pure-FTPd Admin and configure Pure-FTPd
    • Start http://localhost/pureftpdadmin in your browser
    • Log in 'root' password 'root'
    • Press 'Show MySQL query' button
    • Copy text (start under buttons) to '/etc/pureftpd-mysql.conf'
    • Retype in '/etc/pureftpd-mysql.conf' MYSQLUser and MYSQLPassword to 1st MySQL user (Only SELECT from pureftp DB).
  10. Start Pure-FTPd
    • For example:
      /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd -A -c 50 -C 25 -E -j -k 95 -l mysql:/etc/pureftpd-mysql.conf &
    • -j a -l mysql:/etc/pureftpd-mysql.conf - is nessesary :)
  11. Create new user in Pure-FTPd Admin and try it
  12. TIP: For acount like FTP admin (no 'Pure-FTPd Admin' admin) start Pure-FTDd with switch
    -U 113:002
    And create user 'ftpadmin' with home directory '/srv/ftp'. And use crontab -e for change default permission .. like this:
    01 * * * * /bin/chmod 775 /srv/ftp/* >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
    Wait 1-59 min and try it.