Glagolitic Keyboard Layout

The name Glagolitic is rendered in Belarusian as глаголіца ('hlaholitsa'), Bulgarian and Macedonian глаголица ('glagolitsa / glagolica'), Croatian and Serbian glagoljica/глагољица, Czech hlaholice, Polish głagolica, Russian глаголица ('glagólitsa'), Slovene glagolica, Slovak hlaholika, Ukrainian глаголиця ('hlaholytsia').

Verze: 0.12


GNU General Public License


Font instalation

If your system provides a glagolitic font, you can see a glagolitic text here: Ⱈⰾⰰⱈⱁⰾⰹⱌⰰ
Otherwise, you have to download it first. You can find some in Sources.

News/changes in version 0.12

The placement of characters „Glagoli“ and „Heru“ is switched. Now is G = „Glagoli“ and H = „Heru“.

Keyboard layout instalation

Download both Linux and Windows version in zip file version 0.12 here.
Download prewious version in zip file version 0.11 here.

Using Glagolitic Layout

Using glagolitic layout :)

Language code


Glagolitic keyboard layout based on US layout

Large image

List of glagolitic graphemes
Download introUS (pdf)


Igor Mega (coder)
Martin Smatana <msmatana at azet dot sk> (expert adviser)
Tomáš Kokoška (english page translation)

Try another great layout: Czech IMega (for coders) [Czech only]

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